At The Conway Hall, London - 10am - 4.00pm, Friday 19th February 2016

New Speakers announced, and first batch of tickets on sale!

In Uncategorized on November 23, 2009 at 11:41 am

Right then – this is starting to shape up nicely. I’ve spent the last few weeks getting loads of great feedback from the blog and friends about possible speakers, and lots of great advice about how to run the conference, payments, etc, especially from Conway Hall veterans Toby ‘Playful‘ Barnes and Russell ‘Interesting‘ Davies. I’m very lucky to be following in their giant footsteps at the Conway, and hope The Story will be at least half as fantastic as their events.

I have for the first time a complete speaker schedule mapped out, with about half confirmed. Here’s a couple more to whet your appetite:

Tim Etchells is, quite frankly, a genius. I’ve loved his work since I was an Art student many years ago, and used to see his pioneering performance group Forced Entertainment at the Third Eye in Glasgow. His writing covers just about every medium you can think of, from theatre to books to installations to digital art work. I’ve worked with him on two projects – one using SMS, and one involving a bus-stop in Bradford, which gives you an idea of the breadth of his practise. But the reason I want him at The Story is not to do with his technical innovation, but because I think his writing captures the taste and texture of modern life in ways that are equally funny, shocking, poignant and heartbreaking. Very few other writers have the emotional impact that Tim does, and his work is filmic in its ability to subtly alter the way you look at the world around you. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does on the day.

Sydney Padua is an incredibly talented graphic artist who created a huge stir on the web recently with her brilliant series of strips imagining the adventures of Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage. As well as being a fantastic artist and witty writer, she also works across 2D and 3D for films and television, most recently as one of the animators updating Ray Harryhausen’s epic animation for the forthcoming remake of Clash Of The Titans. Getting someone to talk about storytelling and graphic arts was one of my priorities, so I’m really pleased that Sydney can come along and talk about her work.

And finally – tickets are now on sale! [Sorry – the first batch is sold out already!] They’re going to be released in 3 tranches – 50 Early Bird tickets will go on sale from today for up to a fortnight at a reduced price of £20. The second trance will go on sale in Decemberat noon on Monday, 30th November at £25, with a final tranche on sale after that for the full £30 ticket price. I’m releasing them in these tranches to help cover my costs as they emerge – The Early Bird tickets will cover the core venue/equipment hire; the second tranche will cover speaker fees and travel; with the third tranche providing the budget for additional suprises, treats and delights that I’ll be able to organise as the tickets sell out.

So – get yourself over to the Eventbrite page and get your tickets from midday today!

  1. Hey – exciting! Would it be possible to post up the date and time when the next tranche will become available a few days in advance? I want to be sitting at my desk, mouse finger poised.

  2. Hi Naomi – yes! The next tranche will be on sale from noon GMT next Monday (30th) November

  3. Hello, I missed out on the second tranche. Is there a chance you can give us a warning before final sale starts? Would be really lovely if you could – looks like a terrific event and I’d love to be able to take part. Thanks!

    • Hi Magda,

      The next tranche will be on sale next Monday, Dec 6th, at noon GMT. There’s 300 tickets in this final tranche, so you should be fine. Look forward to seeing you there!


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