At The Conway Hall, London - 10am - 4.00pm, Friday 20th February 2015

Coming to The Story? Here’s everything you need to know

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Right then – a few people have asked about missing tickets, lunch plans, etc, so here’s a quick FAQ if you’re coming to The Story next week. Please add any other questions in the comments and I’ll get back to you asap

How do I get to Conway Hall?
The Conway Hall is at 25, Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4RL. The nearest tube is Holborn, and there is information about bus routes on the Conway Hall’s website.

Is the venue accessible?
There is a street level entrance to Conway Hall on Red Lion Square. The main hall is at the same level, and there is a disabled toilet available. The balcony seating area is not accessible, but we’ll make sure there’s room for everyone with access needs in the main hall. There is also an induction loop in the hall for those with hearing impairments.

What are the best places for tea/coffee/lunch?
We’ll be providing tea and coffee at the breaks in the lobby of the Conway Hall. We won’t be providing lunch, but there are loads of lovely sandwich shops and cafes on Theobalds Rd and Lambs Conduit Way, which are a few steps from The Conway Hall. There’s also a lovely cafe in Red Lion Square itself, and plenty of room to sit and eat in the Square gardens.

I booked a ticket but haven’t got my ticket yet!
Eventbrite should have emailed you a PDF of the ticket as soon as your payment went through. If Paypal still has an old email address for you then it could have been sent there instead. If you still can’t find it, email me with the booking name or email address used and I’ll resend the ticket. We’ll have printed lists of all the bookings on the day, so if you can’t find it at all, just turn up with proof of your identity (this will need to be the name you’ve booked the ticket under) and that’ll be fine.

I bought a ticket but something has come up and I can’t now come
Ach – that’s a pity. The best thing to do would be to leave a comment on this post offering your ticket to someone else – I know a few people have transferred tickets already, and that’s fine – just let me know you won’t be there, and the name of the person who will be coming in your place

Someone booked my ticket for me, and their name is on the ticket
Don’t worry – either email with the name of the person who booked the ticket and the name you want to change, or just turn up on the day with their ticket and explain it to us on the door. We’ll cross people off by the name we have, so as long as only one person claims each ticket, its fine with us.

Fancy a pint afterwards?
You betcha. I think I’ll need it. The event finishes at 4.30, and its a Friday, so I make that beer o’clock. I haven’t booked anywhere to drink afterwards, but The Square Pig on the opposite corner of Red Lion Square looks big enough to hold a fair few people, so I’d recommend we try and convene there. If I get time, I might try to reserve their basement, but if not, we’ll all spill out onto the street.

I can’t make it – are you recording the talks?
Yes – I’m taking an audio feed out from the sound desk, so will try and release the talks as podcasts as soon as I can after the event. It might take me a while, though, so don’t hold your breath…

Right – I think that’s most of the things people have asked me. I’m getting unbelievably excited, mainly because I went to the venue with the tech team on Tuesday, and there’s something magical about standing in an empty hall, imagining how its going to be when its full of people. And then there’s the Newspaper, which is looking fantastic….

See you next Friday!

  1. Hi Matt

    I don’t think I can make it on Friday. I’ve had a receipt from Paypal, but no ticket.

    Happy to give it up to someone else, though. Assuming I’m on the list, that is!

    Hope it’s a brilliant day!


  2. Hello there,
    I booked a ticket on 9 December but have had no confirmation email. My name is Emma Hewett, mobile 07792 xxx xxx.
    Be great to have a ticket before Friday.

  3. Hi Matt

    Arggghhh! Damnation on work – I’ve got to do a meeting now on Friday, so I’m not going to be able to make it – please do pass on my ticket if there’s anyone on the list

    Hope you have a fabulous day and so sorry i can’t be there



  4. Hi,

    I’d love your ticket.


  5. Hi Matt, Ross,

    Can you help with this ticket?

    Thanks Rachna

  6. Any more tickets going? I have two friends really interested. Please? Email and I will pay ASAP.

  7. Hi Matt – if there were any spare tickets I know that Pete Law was looking for another one…

    Also will there be a twitter hashtag for the day!

    and finally can I get ticket made out in my working name Sophie Rochester (booked in married name Sophie Dhaliwal) if at possible… Looking forward to it..

  8. Hi – I have a work commitment on Friday now (gutted) so have a ticket if anyone is still looking for one. Just don’t tell me after how much fun you had :)

  9. oh rats – I am triple booked on Friday, so I can’t make it. Matt: please can you re-allocate my ticket and I hope you have a great day

  10. Hi Lee,

    Can I take your ticket off your hands?

    Matt – pls can you help re-allocate one of the above spare tickets that I have messaged about?


  11. Sorry to miss a great day, can’t make it. Have 2 spare tickets if anyone wants them. email is

  12. Anyone else want a ticket? Not at all sure I can get there.

  13. Likewise two tickets and can’t make it


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