At The Conway Hall, London - 10am - 4.00pm, Friday 19th February 2016

How Can I Get A Ticket?

Tickets are on general sale from 17th September 2016 on Eventbrite

Early Bird Tickets (100 tickets) – £70, inc £10 donation to Ministry of Stories/Little Green Pig ON SALE NOW

Standard Tickets (200 tickets) – £75, inc £10 donation to MoS/LGP ON SALE WHEN EARLY BIRD TICKETS ARE GONE

Last Chance Tickets (100 tickets) – £80, inc £10 donation to MoS/LGP ON SALE WHEN STANDARD TICKETS ARE GONE

All tickets are subject to VAT and Eventbrite Fees.

If circumstances change and you can’t use your ticket, we can refund tickets in full until 31st December 2015. After that time, we’re happy to try and connect you with someone who wants a spare ticket. Please send a tweet to @thestory2016 and we’ll let everyone know there is a spare ticket available.


  1. […] How Can I Get A Ticket? […]

    • hi i’ve got a spare ticket as a friend can’t go now – yours for 45 squid and would like cash in advance please – am in Farringdon txt me 07917 272 616

  2. I’d love to get hold of ticket please, anyone?

  3. Another late late bird here, if anybody could please help me out?

  4. i would love 1 or 2 tickets if poss pls!

  5. I am also very, very keen to get a ticket so please contact me if you have a spare ticket or just feel like being nice!

  6. I’d love just one small ticket. I can pay and everything.

  7. Hi there, I booked but now can’t make it – so please feel free to release mine to the waiting list. Hope it’s a great day, sorry to be missing it.

  8. Andrew, I’d love to buy your ticket from you – although Belinda gets first dibs, of course!

  9. Hi everyone, just to let you know that my ticket has now gone – thanks. Hope you all manage to get tickets.

  10. Dammit, why did I leave it so late to get a ticket?! If anyone has one, I’d really, really love it.

  11. I’m looking for one ticket, even at the last minute.

  12. Curses! I somehow left it too late AGAIN! If anyone has a spare ticket I would be impossibly grateful.

  13. I would love a ticket if there are any returns. Wish I’d booked sooner…

  14. Another latecomer looking for a ticket, if there are any!

  15. I would pay £1,000,000 for a ticket.

  16. I won’t be able to top £1m in real terms. Will face value + a shiny 50p piece + a reasonably persistent sense of wellbeing cover it?

  17. The early bird gets the worm, so they say. And this bird certainly wasn’t early. However, I would really, really love to be a part of this. If anyone has a ticket/worm going spare at all, I would happily exchange for seed. Thank you :)

  18. Can anyone email me if there are 2 tickets spare pls!

  19. i too am looking for a ticket. if anyone is selling there’s and looking for a buyer, i’m here. send me an email. cheers!

  20. Hi, Would someone from The Story organisation contact me urgently. I can’t see any contact details on this site for you.


  21. Hi Peter – just sent you a message on Twitter – I think the official contact email is thestory2011 at gmail dot com

  22. I have a ticket and now can’t go :(. I’m happy to be officially matched up, or sell it to the next in line. Ta!

  23. Rebecca: probably fairest to talk to Matt first. I’m still on the hunt for one though.

  24. Hi, I’ve really missed the boat on this one. Doh. At the Imperial War Museum, we are seeking inspiring ways of spreading the amazing stories in our archives. If anyone can help me out with a ticket I would be filled with warm feeling towards them. And reimburse them with cold, hard cash.

    Luke Smith
    Digital Lead
    First World War Centenary
    The Imperial War Museum

    • Hi Luke

      I love the Imperial War Museum and I have a spare ticket for The Story. So if you still haven’t found one, then let me know.


  25. May I add my name for a ticket please, pretty please!!!! Would be happy to help on the day as a contribution as well. No job too small /too big.

  26. If anyone has a spare ticket I will bake you a cake.

  27. I have a spare ticket if anybody needs it.

    first person to email me at with a cool story about something that happened on the way to work this morning can purchase it from me.

  28. Just arrived in town today for a week’s visit and heard about this event – I’d love to attend! Just tell me what to do, where to sign, whom to flatter, etc. Email: [my name] at


  29. Its a long shot but……. I might just get to the top of this list! Let me know of a spare ticket please.


  30. Sadly I can’t make it on Friday so have a spare ticket I’d love to sell on! Get in touch and make a deal.

  31. Hi Jamie, I’m still looking for a ticket – if you could email me at james [at] stroma [dot] org I’d love to buy it from you…

  32. Hi – I have a spare ticket if anyone is still looking. Having checked the price of tickets up from Brighton to arrive just after 9, I’m staggered at how much it would cost to attend!

  33. My ticket has gone! Good luck to all who still search – maybe we can have a parallel Twitter Story consequences game on Friday? I’m trying to inveigle Matt to start one off.

  34. I have a Later Bird ticket up for grabs as I can’t make it now :(

  35. Hello,
    I have a spare later bird ticket. First person to email me can have it.


  36. Last minute drop out – more’s the pity. I have an early bird ticket going…

  37. Luke at the Imperial War Museum hasn’t got back to me. So I still have a spare ticket for tomorrow – last year’s Story was amazing, so roll up, roll up…

  38. Apologies Shelley for not responding, and many thanks for the offer. I already sorted out a ticket — hope to see some of you tomorrow.


  39. Hello to all

    Does anyone have a ticket they can no longer use will pay retail

    please drop me a line

    • Hass,

      I have a Later Bird ticket going. Contact me on msheldon [at] channel4 [dot] co [dot] uk if you’d like it.


    • Hass,

      I have a Later Bird ticket going. Contact me on msheldon [at] channel4 [dot] co [dot] uk if you’d like it.


  40. Very sadly I’ve had to drop out at last minute. Anyone want my ticket? You can have it for £45, giving the cash to Alex Butterworth, who can take it on my behalf and give you my eticket, or explain to door people to swap our names …

  41. I friend who is ill and has had to drop out which means there’s a spare ticket if anyone is still looking to buy one.
    (it’s a later bird ticket £40)

  42. I have a ticket going at an Early Bird price. Contact me on msheldon [at] channel4 [dot] co [dot] uk if you’d like it.


  43. My ticket problem is sold. I can’t believe I sold one then needed one, but life is never simple!

  44. Any tickets for this, I’d love to get my hands on one

    • Hi Oli – tickets will be on sale later in September. Follow @thestory2012 and they’ll be announced there first.

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