At The Conway Hall, London - 10am - 4.00pm, Friday 21st February 2014

Who will be there?

We’re releasing details of the speakers as tickets go on sale. The first speakers announced for The Story 2015 are:

Kati London is currently a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research, FUSE (Future User Social Experiences). Previously, she was Director of Product for Zynga New York and Vice President and Senior Producer at Area/Code (acquired by Zynga). In 2012 she became Innovator-in-Residence at USC’s Annenberg School, where she led workshops in Design Patterns for Autonomous Objects. Kati will be talking at The Story about her work on communities, autonomous objects and the future of cities.

Philip Hunt is one of the founding partners of Studio AKA, one of the best animation studios in the world (this is our opinion at Storythings – Philip didn’t write this!). Philip’s work includes the BAFTA winning Lost and Found, based on the best-selling book by Oliver Jeffers. Philip’s diverse body of Directing work on an eclectic range of animation projects also includes the multi-award winning short film AH POOK IS HERE- an interpretation of recordings by the late William S. Burroughs.

George Oates is the director of Good, Form & Spectacle, a new design firm exploring themes in cultural heritage. George recently started a project inserting female characters into some classic Grimms tales. Some of these tales contained no female characters at all. George’s new book, If Only The Grimms Had Known Alice, is a fun read for all ages, challenging you to re-imagine these well known stories with women at the centre of each story.

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  1. I’d like to come to this and help out as well. I have a few people in my mind from both the USA and the rest of the world. Can someone get in touch with me about this?



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  3. I really suggest you get Jeff Gomez from Starlight runner onboard. He is an expert in transmedia storytelling.

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  5. I can’t be there but would love to get my hands on any kind of documentation you do!

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