Welcome to The Story.


This all started here.

The response to the blog and on twitter was huge and pretty overwhelming. So overwhelming, that I actually did something about it, and now have The Conway Hall in London booked for Friday, February 19th, 2010; and also built this site (not a bad URL, eh?) and the obligatory Twitter feed.

A lot of people had brilliant ideas for events, speakers and other things we could incorporate into the event, but it made me realise the subject area is so huge I need to focus it a bit. It would be a mistake to limit it to a certain genre or way of telling stories, as the whole point of the event is to celebrate storytelling in all its diversity. But at the same time, I don’t really want to talk about the theory or business of storytelling, as there’s plenty of other academic and professional conferences out there that do this very well indeed. Instead, The Story is going to be about the sheer visceral pleasure of telling a story, or being told a story – whether this is live, recorded, acted, performed – whatever.

So – i’d like to ask again for recommendations and contacts for good people who could come along to do a turn. It might be one person, a pair, a group – whatever. There is only one rule:

1 – You have to recommend someone/thing you’ve seen yourself
I want to here about the last time someone amazed you, made your jaw drop, your heart beat faster or your hair stand on end. Tell a little story about how amazing they are, and we’ll try and track them down for the event

So – if you think you know someone who will be good at The Story, please leave a note in the comments or email thestory2010 at gmail dot com.

Remember – this is being done on a shoestring, whilst holding down a dayjob. I’d love to invite people from all over the world, and fly them over, but its unlikely. I’m unlikely to be able to pay anyone either, except local travel costs, so bear that in mind as well. If it goes well this year, then who knows what kind of marvellous things we could do next year…