Running order for The Story

Hi all,

The Story will kick off next Friday at 10am, with a packed house – there’s only 3 tickets left, and I expect them to go by next Friday. Here’s the running order for the day. Russell Davies will be hosting, so I expect him to keep everyone to time so we can all go for a cheeky friday night pint at the end.

09.30 Doors Open
10.00 Cory Doctorow
10.20 Aleks Krotoski
10.40 Jon Spooner
11.00 Tim Etchells
11.20 Coffee
11.40 Sydney Padua
12.00 Tony White
12.10 Annette Mees & Tassos Stevens
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Kevin Slavin
13.50 Alexis Kennedy & Paul Arendt
14.10 Tim Wright
14.30 Kat Akingbade
14.50 Coffee
15.10 Livity
15.30 Stuart Nolan
15.50 David Hepworth
16.20 Thanks and goodbye