One week to go!

So, its one week until The Story, and all the last minute preparations and speaker wranglings are nearly completed. The weather looks like its going to be sunny, but cold, so make sure you bring a coat – The Conway Hall is lovely, but more like a church than a comfy conference venue.

Here’s the running order for the day – we’ll start and finish very promptly, so don’t be late! The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice one change – Paula LeDieu from the BFI can’t join us now, but I’m very glad to say that composer and sound artist Nick Ryan has stepped in to take her place. Nick will be in conversation with Paul Bennun from Somethin Else, talking about sound design, storytelling, and their recent audio-only iPhone game Papa Sangre.

Also – the Ministry of Stories will have a stall in the foyer of the venue all day, selling their beautiful monster supplies product fresh from their Hoxton St store. So if you’d like to pick up some limited edition stories from writers like Nick Hornby and Zadie Smith and at the same time raise more money for this excellent project, make sure you bring along some extra cash.

Look forward to seeing you next Friday!


9.20      Doors Open
10.00    Welcome – Margaret Robertson
10.05     Ministry of Stories
10.20     Matt Adams from Blast Theory
10.40     Adam Curtis
11.00    Coffee
11.20     Karl James
11.40     Cornelia Parker
12.00     Phil Gyford
12.20    Lunch
13.20     Tim Kring
13.40     Paul Bennun & Nick Ryan
14.00     Mary Hamilton
14.20    Coffee
14.40     Lucy Kimbell
15.00     Martin Parr
15.20     Graham Linehan & Cory Doctorow
15.40     Mark Stevenson
16.00     End – Thanks!