Thank You.

Conway Hall

Conway Hall, by Paola Kathuria

First of all, thank you to everyone who came along to the The Story last Friday. It was a fantastic day, made up of three important elements – brilliant speakers, a fantastic venue, and an attentive and engaged audience. So thank you very much for coming along and making it so special.

There has been a lot of brilliant blog posts and photos taken from the event, so I’ve included the ones I’ve seen below. If you have other pictures/comments about the day online, please let me know so I can add them to this list. I’ve been overwhelmed with the response, so thank you again for being so creative and articulate.

In the rush to finish the event last week, I only briefly gave thanks to the people who help me organise the event, so here’s a proper list of the people who made it happen.

First of all the speakers – all of whom were insightful, challenging and inspiring.

Margaret Robertson, for being a fantastic host, and making a difficult job look very easy.

The team of helpers – Richard Ayers, Holly Locke, Gemma Brady, Rebecca Denton, Sarah Pridham, Robin Ray and Anna Pedroza – for making the day run so smoothly

Live Union – for providing an excellent sound system and recording the talks – direct to digital this time, so they’ll be going online soon!

David Rowan at Wired Magazine – for kindly donating 100 copies of Wired to give away at registration

Its going to take a lot of work to live up to this year’s event, but I’m definitely going to do it again. I’ll just take a few months off first…