Almost sold out, and final speaker info

Happy New Year!

January is always a little scary, as the turn of the new year means that The Story goes from ‘something that’s happening next year’ to ‘OMG its in a few weeks!’ So I’ve spent the last few days booking hotels, getting details out to speakers, and generally tidying things up so we’re all ready to go on Feb 17th.

The good news is that The Story is almost sold out! There’s currently only 6 tickets left on our Eventbrite site, so if you haven’t got one yet, get one NOW! Thanks to all of you who have bought tickets – you’ve helped raise £2000 for The Ministry of Stories, which is a fantastic project. The Ministry will be at The Story this year, giving us an update on their brilliant first year, and selling their unique monster supplies in the foyer.

I’m also very pleased to announce our host this year – Meg Pickard – and the final speaker – Scott Burnham.

Meg Pickard is the Head of Digital Engagement for Guardian News & Media, responsible for developing and supporting social web strategies and participatory experiences. At the time of The Story, however, she will have just started her maternity leave, so will be focusing on delivering a different sort of experience for a while. Meg’s particular areas of interest are social engagement and the emergence of new forms of collaborative and participatory media, which are inspired by an enduring curiosity about the cultural/social/psychological aspects of digital life plus ongoing personal passion for publishing, participating and performing online. She has been blogging since it started with a W and lives in London and online.

Scott Burnham is a social entrepreneur, creative strategist, creative director and writer dedicated to reprogramming our relationships with design and the city, working with a number of cities, institutions and publications worldwide. He created and directed Urban Play for Droog Design and the city of Amsterdam to launch a new generation of objects and areas for the city. Working with Stefan Sagmeister, Marti Guixe, NL Architects and others a series of objects and areas were created as public catalysts for further design interventions. Recently he created the Bairro Criativo project for Porto, Portugal to open idea generation, grass-roots innovation and creative processes to wider audiences in the city and create direct design responses to the city’s needs. Scott spoke at the excellent Narrative In Practise event last year, which I couldn’t attend, but so many people who did attend raved about Scott’s talk, so I had to invite him to The Story!

So that’s it – all the speakers are booked, travel and accommodation sorted, and tickets nearly sold out. The only thing left is a rather exciting little present which I’m hoping to be able to give to everyone coming to the event. More details nearer the time…