The Story 2012

Its taken me a lot longer than normal to write a thank you blogpost after The Story 2012. Partly this is because Storythings is about to launch a new project for Faber & Faber, but also because its taken me a while to gather my thoughts. It was quite a day, so thank you to everyone who came along for the event, or who helped out on the day. In particular, thanks to:

The speakers – you were all fantastic, interesting, compelling and funny.
Meg Pickard – for being such a brilliant host
Richard Ayers, Sophie Walker, Rebecca Denton, Jo Roach and Holly Swain for their fantastic help on the  day with registration, speaker wrangling and technical issues
Live Union for providing the PA and recording the talks
Paul A Young for making the incredible edible-running-order chocolate bars
Nicole Yershon and Ogilvy Labs for sponsoring the teas and coffees
Alex Parrott for design work on The Story logo and the chocolate packaging

There really was an incredible atmosphere on the day, and this was down to everyone mentioned above, and everyone who came along. Thanks so much – its fantastically rewarding to run something that people respond to with such enthusiasm.

One of the things I love about running The Story is reading the blog posts afterwards. The event seems to create different ideas, thoughts and connections in different people. There never is a theme, really, but on the day all sorts of subtle connections emerge between the different talks, and I love reading about other people’s interpretations of the day. Below is a list of the ones I’ve noticed so far – do let me know if you’ve shared thoughts or photos, and I’ll put a link to them here.

Finally, I will be putting up recordings of some of the talks, as soon as I’ve been able to edit them down and check the content with the speakers. Unfortunately, we had a computer crash in the morning session, so I don’t have a record of all those speakers, but we have the afternoon sessions, and I’ll get them up as soon as I can. In the meantime, here’s your blog posts and photos:

Liz Henry

Rishi Dastidar’s Storify of tweets from the day

Adam Gee

Mary Hamilton’s Storify of tweets from the day

Mary Hamilton’s write up of the day

Ellen De Vries

Jane Dallaway

Saul Cozens

Kat Sommers

Dean Vipond

Matt Edgar

Matthew Sheret

Tim Wright

Russell Stearman

Drawnalism’s brilliant sketches of the speakers

Photos tagged with ‘story2012’ on Flickr

Many people have asked if there is a mailing list to hear about The Story next year, so I’ve created one. The list is for Storythings, the company I’ve created to run The Story and other projects, so you’ll get emails about our projects as well. But it will be very low traffic indeed, so don’t worry. So if you want to stay in touch, sign up here. Tinyletter emails can get caught in spam filters, so if you don’t get a response, check it isn’t in there.