Only 50 tickets left! And final speakers announced – Edwyn Collins, Rebecca O’Brien & Alice Bell


Its less than a month till The Story 2013 on Feb 22nd, so its time to announce the final few speakers for this year’s event. Its quite a line-up, and there’s only 50 tickets left, so get yours now if you haven’t already!

Rebecca O’Brien began her film life working at the Edinburgh Film Festival, before starting her film production career on early Channel Four films and dramas, including “My Beautiful Laundrette” (as Location Manager) and the Michael Rosen inspired multi-cultural kids’ series “Everybody Here”. Her producing debut was “Friendship’s Death” written and directed by Peter Wollen and starring Tilda Swinton and Bill Paterson. Her first film with Ken Loach was “Hidden Agenda” and since then they have made twelve feature films together and many other documentary and short projects. In 2002 they formed Sixteen Films. Apart from the Loach/Laverty films, Rebecca also produced the “Bean” movie for Working Title, “Princesa” for Parallax Pictures and has executive produced for Camilla Bray, Ian Knox and Henrique Goldman. Rebecca has been working with Ken Loach on The Spirit of 45, a documentary project about the spirit of unity in Britain in the post-war era, and how this led to the creation of institutions like the NHS. Its a remarkable project, and I’m really looking forward to Rebecca talking about working with Ken on the interviews and research, and how this differed from their more narrative film-making projects.

In 2005 musician Edwyn Collins collapsed unexpectedly suffering a devastating stroke. Left unable to walk or speak, any hope of recovery seemed distant. Last year and against all odds he released the album ‘Losing Sleep’ to huge critical acclaim. In Your Voice, In Your Heart is the story of Edwyn’s journey back. Blurring the line between fiction and documentary we explore the world of Edwyn’s subconscious – a place inhabited by fragmented ideas and forgotten memories. Each story Edwyn tells is another piece of a shattered identity we gradually see re-emerging in front of us. I’m really, really pleased that Edwyn will be at The Story with Ed Lovelace, one half of director duo D.A.R.Y.L who are the creative geniuses behind the film. They’ll be showing clips from the film, and talking about the process of making a film about memory, identity and love.

Alice Bell is an academic and writer interested in the social side of science. She is currently a research fellow at the Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex and before that, was a lecturer in the Science Communication Group at Imperial. She has a column in the UK edition of Popular Science magazine and have written for a range of websites and print-publications including the Guardian, Times Higher Education Magazine and Research Fortnight. She is climate change editor at the New Left Project and co-run the Brain Train podcast. I’m fascinated by the role narrative plays in how we understand science, both as individuals and as a society, so I’m really looking forward to hearing Alice talk at The Story. I’m hoping she’ll talk about her research on how science is represented in childrens’ literature, but frankly, everything she does is fascinating.

And finally, this year’s host will be Mary Hamilton. Those of you who are The Story regulars will know Mary from her brilliant talk at The Story 2011, where she talked about Zombie LARPS, nerf guns, and Story Machines. She has recently been working at The Guardian, and is incredibly smart about everything from gaming and journalism to culture and society. I hope she brings bigger nerf guns this time.

So that’s it! That’s the full line up for The Story this year. I’ll be posting the running order in a week or so, along with all the other info you’ll need on the day. Get your ticket now and I look forward to seeing you there!