How to get tickets for The Story 2018

Gaia Vince at The Story 2016

Tickets are now on sale for the ninth The Story conference. As always, it will be held at the Conway Hall in London, between 10 and 4pm on Friday 16th February. We’ll be announcing speakers in the run up to the event, and these always drive more ticket sales, so we’d encourage you to get your tickets now!

We’re selling tickets in two groups — 200 Standard tickets at £75 and then 100 Last Chance at £100 (both plus VAT and Eventbrite fees). We’ve made tickets simpler this year because we wanted to target discounts at specific groups through discount codes. We released the first code a few weeks ago to loyal subscribers to our Storythings Newsletter, and we’ll be releasing more codes to help students and other groups get tickets who might otherwise not be able to afford it.

You can get a ticket now via Eventbrite using the link below. We accept payment via Paypal, or if you’re buying multiple tickets on behalf of an organisation, you can request an invoice instead. We’re looking forward to seeing you in February!