At The Conway Hall, London - 10am - 4.00pm, Friday 19th February 2016

The Story 2013 – Thank you to everyone!

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Conway Hall before The Story 2013

Conway Hall before The Story 2013

Last Friday was the fourth The Story conference at The Conway Hall, and it was another incredible day. As we do more of these events (this is our fourth) I’m more and more convinced that this is down to the strange alchemy between the speakers and the audience – everyone comes along with such enthusiasm, such curiosity and such passion, and it makes the day an incredibly inspiring event.

So – first of all, a huge thank you to everyone who came along. We’re constantly amazed at how much people love the event, and it inspires us to come up with even more interesting and diverse speakers every year, so thanks so much to everyone who bought a ticket and turned up on a very chilly London day.

Next – a gigantic thanks to all the brilliant speakers. We give our speakers a really hard brief – to be honest and true to themselves, and talk in depth about their work and why they do it. There are no corporate pitches, nobody talking from a company deck – just people who know what it feels like to tell a story, and can be open and honest enough to communicate their passion to the audience. It’s a lot harder to do this than it looks, and I know the people who talk at The Story put a huge amount of work into their talks. So huge thanks to you all.

We couldn’t do The Story without the help of a lot of brilliant people, so huge thanks to Carina and the team at The Conway Hall;¬†to Jez, Paul, Rachel, Iain and the team at Live Union for help with the sound; to Mary Hamilton for being a brilliant host, and showing epic restraint with the Nerf Guns; to our helpers on the day – Holly Swain, Kim Plowright, Sophie Walker, Andrew Birley and Jo Roach; and to the Ministry of Stories for making such a brilliant gift for every attendee.

There are already some great blogs and other records of the day – if you’ve written up any notes, we’d love to see them, so do let us know. We’ll list the ones we see below, and will get the audio records of some of the talks up online over the next few weeks.

Thanks again to everyone – it was a fantastic day, and we’re already looking forward to The Story 2014 – sign up to our newsletter if you want to be the first to know when tickets go on sale in the autumn.

Blogs and other records of The Story 2013:

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Stray Bullets – Anthology

A La Data – Thoughts on The Story 2013

Rishi Dastidar’s Storify

Sarah Salway’s Five Things I Learnt At The Story 2013

Fiona Thompson’s ‘Kaleidoscope Manifesto’

Mun Keat Looi (who always does a great write up) on The Story 2013

David Cornish from Wired wrote up the talks from Edwyn Collins, Alex Balfour and Fiona Romeo

James Caig – The Bottom Half of Culture

Miriam from The Lighthouse, Brighton on The Story 2013

Notes from The Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol

Emilia from Kanoti on The Story 2013

383 Project’s list of links from The Story 2013

A fantastically comprehensive write up the talks from Blonde Digital

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