First speakers announced!

First of all – thanks to everyone for the suggestions via comments and emails for speakers. I’m working through them and starting to approach people to speak at the event next year, but am still looking for more ideas. I’ve had lots of suggestions for oral storytellers and interactive/performance theatre-type-people, but I’d love some more left-field ideas.

I’d love to find someone who edits movie trailers, as i’m intrigued how you balance telling the story with *not* telling the story. Actually, someone talking in an interesting way about Spoilers generally would be brilliant. Also, Propaganda, or storytelling in politics. Storytelling with/about objects would be interesting, as would story telling with music (but not necessarily song…)

In the meantime, I’m pleased to say that a few people I’ve approached have now said yes, so here’s the first group of speakers:

Cory Doctorow needs no introduction, as he’s a brilliant sci-fi writer, copyfight activist, blogger and all round internet superhero. I’ve seen Cory speak many times, but I’ve never heard him read a story. So this is a really selfish way of rectifying this, and hearing one of the most interesting sci-fi writers of our time actually read a story, and not mention copyright once. I’m hoping he’ll wear a cape.

Jon Spooner is one of the co-founders of Unlimited Theatre, one of the most innovative theatre companies in the UK. I saw Jon perform Ethics Of Progress, an amazing monologue about the quantam entaglement, wonder and the potential for evil in technology. It was an incredible piece of storytelling, so I’ve asked Jon to come along and do something similar. He’s currently working with space scientists and primary school kids, so might bring a work in progress along from this work, which sounds fantastic.

Annette Mees is part of Coney, a group of really exciting writers, performers and artists who tell stories in strange and intrgiuing ways. They have just finished a run of A Small Town Anywhere at Battersea Arts Centre, which used game structures to tell a story about how political ideals threaten the communities of a small town. It sounded like an incredible, emotional experience, in which there was no ‘audience’, and everyone took part in telling the story. I’m looking forward to what Annette will come up with for The Story next year…

I’ve nearly confirmed a few other excellent speakers, so I’ll update the list as soon as I have them confirmed. If there’s someone you’d like to see, please recommend them in the comments!