Second batch of tickets on sale today, and more speakers announced!


The first batch of 50 ‘early bird’ tickets went on sale last week, and sold out in less than an hour. The second batch of 100 tickets will go on sale for £25 at noon today on Eventbrite. The final batch will go on sale in a fortnight, although i’ll bring this forward if the tickets go as quickly as they did last week.

We also have two new speakers to announce!

David Hepworth is a legend in the magazine industry, with an illustrious career spanning his early work on Smash Hits to running his own publishing company, Development Hell, responsible for the only two music magazines worth reading – Word and Mixmag. As well as this, he’s also a brilliantly witty blogger, broadcaster and podcast-er, and recently started a monthly story-telling evening in an Islington Pub called True Stories Told Live. We had a great drink last week to discuss what David could talk about at The Story, and I’m really eager to hear him on the day – he’s a fantastic raconteur and speaker.

Dr Aleks Krotoski has the great taste to live in my home-town, Hove, but that isn’t the reason I’ve asked her to speak at The Story. Many of you will know Aleks from her regular column on culture and video games for The Guardian, some of you might have seen her excellent talk on games and storytelling at last year’s Dconstruct conference, and you’re all about to see her present the BBC’s new history of the internet TV programme Digital Revolutions. Aleks is one of the most informed and witty writers and broadcasters in the UK on games and internet culture, and I’m really glad she can come along to The Story. She’s also just completed her PHD, so we should really call her Dr Alex from now on…


Excellent! More speakers will be announced next week, along with more tickets for sale and, hopefully, some other exciting news…