More speakers, more tickets, and a newspaper!


The speakers list is shaping up very nicely indeed, with a very eclectic bunch of very talented people lined up to talk. I’m waiting on a couple of long-range punts before I finalise the list, but I’m really, really excited about the people who have confirmed so far. Here’s two more for this list:

Kevin Slavin is the co-founder of Area/Code, a brilliant digital agency in New York who specialise in making strange and wonderous games for just about every platform you can think of. In particular, they make BIG GAMES that take over urban spaces and introduce playful storytelling into everyone’s lives. I’ve seen Kevin talk at a few events, and he is a visionary speakers on how technology and stories can transform our cities and re-engage us with our community. He’s spent quite a lot of time in Detroit recently, which is almost an failed state in itself, and has been thinking about how storytelling and play can change the very fabric of the city and lay the groundwork for further regeneration. I’ve asked him to tell us some stories about Detroit as it is, was, and might be in the future.

Kat Akingbade is the co-star of Channel 4’s recent psuedo-science busting project with Derren Brown – Science of Scams. In her videos, tweets and blogs, Kat has been spending the last few months trawling through the web for stories of weird phenomena, pseudo-science and other tall tales. Kat has serious scientific chops, including doctoral research in Biological Anthropology and Pharmacology, combined with journalistic experience at Nature and Radio 4. Kat will talk about the power of stories, belief and the scientific method, using her favourite scams to illustrate how the relationship between science and society often hinges on a well-told tale.

So – has that whetted your appetite? The final batch of tickets are now on sale at Eventbrite, so get along there NOW if you haven’t yet got one.

Finally, many of you will have come across The Newspaper Club, who are developing a service to create bespoke, short-run newspapers via the web. Channel 4 have funded the project through 4IP, and they’ve provided newspapers for book launches, conferences (like the excellent Playful), festivals, and even the Spurs/Arsenal Premier League derby. As a Spurs fan, that one still hurts a bit.

So – Having spoken to Russell and Ben at The Newspaper Club, I’m pleased to say we’ll be producing a newspaper for The Story. I’d like it to include all manner of stuff about stories and storytelling, reflecting the diversity of the event itself. If you’ve got something you’d like to suggest for the Newspaper, please leave a comment with details on this post and i’ll get back to you asap!