Escalating Panic, and only 5 tickets left!

Its the 19th January today, which means its less than a calendar month until The Story on Feb 18th, and as of the time I’m writing this, there are only 5 tickets left. So thank you to everyone for buying a ticket so far – it means we’ve raised nearly £2000 for The Ministry of Stories, which is fantastic news. I managed to pop into The Ministry in Hoxton St last week to meet Ben and the other Ministers, and discuss what they can do at The Story. I’m pleased to say that they’ll be bringing their Monster Supplies store, full of products like the tin of Escalating Panic pictured above, to The Story to raise even more money for The Minstry. So please bring along some extra cash if you want to buy these gorgeous objects, filled with stories by the likes of Nick Hornby and Zadie Smith.