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The Story 2014 Notebook
The Story 2014 Notebook by Leonora Oppenheim –

Last Friday was the 5th The Story conference, and it was quite a day. We’re always blown away by the buzz and atmosphere at The Story, and last Friday’s event was no different. This is really down to the huge generosity of the speakers, and the great welcome and response from the audience, so a *huge* thank you to everyone who came.

As ever, The Story was produced by an incredibly talented group of people, so I’d like to thank:

Carina and the team at The Conway Hall for letting us use their amazing venue.
The brilliant speakers for giving such an incredibly diverse range of talks.
Live Union for doing their usually expert job with the sound – made harder this year by having live Foley effects and Gruff Rhys’ acoustic guitar to record.
The Story team and volunteers for their help – Andrew Birley, Holly Locke, Kim Plowright, Rebecca Denton, Silvia Novak, Helen Maier and Sophie Walker.
Kitty Wong for taking the official photographs, which you can now see on Flickr

And most importantly – all 450 delegates for coming along and making the atmosphere so incredible. If you’ve blogged or otherwise recorded the event, we’d love to add it to our list – here’s what we’ve noticed so far:

Hugh Garry’s Storify
great write up of the day from Grow The People
Adam Gee on his experience of the day
Your Story Starts Here by 100% Open
Truth, Lies & The Story by James Caig
10 Things I Learnt At The Story by Fiona Thompson
Notes from The Story 2014 by Giles Turnbull
The incredible Stella Duffy reflecting on her amazing talk
Katie Harrison from W+K on The Art of Storytelling
Rishi Dastidar on Crafting your story
Wired UK on Kenyatta Cheese’s talk
Wired UK on Bill Wasik’s talk
And finally – Wired UK on the Alan Rusbridger session

And if you were there, you would have seen Philip Larkin making the end to one of his ‘push the button’ Vines live on stage. Here it is – and it’s since been shared nearly 9,000 times!

Thanks again to everyone involved in making it such a great day. See you in February 2015 – if you want to be first to buy tickets for next year’s event, then sign up to our newsletter now!