New Speakers for The Story 2019 – Knights Of and Aardman

It’s just over a month till The Story conference on Feb 22nd, and tickets are selling fast. We’ve got a few more speakers to announce, and some more really exciting speakers we’ll confirm in the next fews weeks. So if you haven’t yet got a ticket, buy yours now before we sell out. We’re very pleased to announce our next two speakers – Knights Of media and Finbar Hawkins from Aardman.

Finbar Hawkins is a Creative Director at Aardman, working  across games and apps for clients and Aardman own brands, as well as the development of new IP for animation and console games. At The Story he will be talking about the development of 11-11: Memories Retold, Aardman’s remarkable game telling the stories of Harry, a young Canadian photographer who has joined the war effort searching for adventure, and Kurt, a German engineer searching for his missing son. Set in World War One, the game’s unique storytelling and painterly graphic style completely reimagines how games can explore the emotional and social consequences of war.

aimée felone_david stevens

Aimée Felone and David Stevens launched Knights Of in October 2017 in a bid to improve the diversity in children’s publishing, making inclusivity core to the DNA of the company by hiring as widely as possible. To celebrate their first birthday in October 2018 they launched a pop-up bookshop in Brixton that only stocked children’s books with a BAME protagonists. Of the 9,000 children’s books published in the UK in 2017, only 1% had a BAME lead character . The store was a great success, and a crowdfunding campaign to launch similar pop-up shops in cities around the UK has raised over £34k.

We’re really pleased to have Finbar, Aimée and David at The Story in Feb. We love hearing about projects that are really making a difference, and that have at their heart a commitment to change the way we tell stories. We can’t wait to hear their stories in Feb, so if you want to join us, get your tickets now!